About Us

Island Friends was started by two women, Judith Allred and Kim Dueffert, They felt that those interested in volunteering and donating to non-profit and helping projects needed a coordinating point.

This project has now been taken over by Nicole Schneider as these two wonderful women have retired from the island and left a great legacy for younger generations follow; our project supervisor is now Gissela Sevilla.

Recently becoming director of Allred Daycare and Learning center has awoken Nicole’s calling for gathering community funds and volunteers and rescuing government approved educational projects in poorest areas of the island. Together we re-contruct and re-stok them with materials converting them into dignified, healthy learning havens. In the year 2015 we have re-constructed and “adopted” 3 kindergartens and hope to do many more projects of all kinds in the years to come.

We all believe that the way to help on the island is to have a venue that represents island helps and island needs, and puts these two together. This is the primary goal of Island Friends Roatan.