Roatan Giving Helping Hearts Helping Hands

Financial - For a tax deductible donation, use the “Donate Now” button. You can also send a check made out to Island Friends Corporation, SA. Address it to Judith Allred, 7110 Poniente Lane, San Antonio, TX 78209. (Federal Tax ID #20-8533416.) Please always indicate the organization to which you are donating. If on Roatan, take donations to the project you are supporting.

Volunteering - If you live on Roatan full or part time, visit once or regularly on a vacation, and want to volunteer, provide technical skills, professional expertise, or financial assistance, contact one of the below projects. In addition, you can let Island Friends know of your interest, talents and wishes to help and we will direct you. Contact us, Island Friends, through this website at:

Resources - The need for material goods is every-present. Please contact a project of your choosing for what they need, click on the project wish list at the bottom of the home page or contact Island Friends and let us know what you wish to bring, and we can also advise you.

This is a list of Roatan Humanitarian Organizations/Non-Profits/NGOs doing fantastic often unheralded work for the people of Roatan. These are individuals and groups of dedicated people locals, transplants, part-timers and others from all over the world that saw a need (which can be great) and found a way to fill it.

Supported primarily by donations and volunteerism, together they are providing relief to the poor, school, families and communities the distressed, environmental protection and awareness, water treatment, animal protection, athletics as well as offering education about and protection of the island and the Caribbean ocean, that in turn benefits all of the Bay Islands and the country.

WE ENCOURAGE VISITORS - if you are a lover of Roatan, to find a group that resonates with you, go to their website to learn more about them and to see their full wish lists. Find out how you can donate from home or while you are here, bring goods to donate in your suitcases.

Your attention, generosity, and involvement will go a long way in improving the lives of residents and visitors alike. I have been truly humbled learning about these organizations their good works and selfless dedication and vow myself to get more involved. Thank you so very much for finding ways to help and contribute on the wonderful island of Roatan.


Adopt and Estuary
Our biggest wish is to see this model freely shared and repeated everywhere there are dirty waters heading towards the sea because it is needed for the sake of the earth and it works!
Volunteers welcome!

Allred Daycare and Learning Center

School Materials:
Chewable multi-vitamins
Reading books for year 2 – 9 year olds.
Coloring books
Science equipment for children
Stickers and small toys for prize giving
Play doh
Pens, pencils, whiteboard markers
Arts and Crafts materials
DVD’s: Educational, sports for kids or children’s movies
Large toys
Aprons to wear whiles painting 2-9 year olds.

Bay Island Costal Clean Up
Much more volunteers, in each clean up.
Much more publicity in each clean up that other can learn and put in practice.
Much more cooperation from the Business community in the donation of bags and gloves.
Need to get Sula and Leyde on board, Like Peipsi and Cerveceria does, they help out with the Donation of bags, gloves, water and sodas, if we can also get Sula and Leyde would be great since these are the big companies that bring in the plastic and carton to the island.
Prayers to continue in this labor of taking care of our Environment for the future of our Kids.

1. Relocation Expenses for September
We have located a place that has potential to become our new home
Presently we are working on a budget to refurbish which includes some very essential issues like running water, bathroom, lights and partitions.
Approximately $2000.00

Permanent or one year
2. Sponsor Monthly Teacher Salaries for 2 full time and 2 assistants $2,727.27

Partners in Education on Roatan (PIER)


1) Classroom volunteers – work with classroom teachers in areas of reading comprehension, mathematics, and/or science. (Minimum of 1-month; Spanish and/or English)
2) After-school program coordinator – working in Sand Castle Library lead science and math activities for students from 6 – 16 years of age. (Minimum of 3 months, bi-lingual)

3) Teacher training – Provide creative, hands-on workshop for teachers in areas of reading
comprehension, mathematics, and science. (Minimum of 1 workshop; Spanish and/or English)

1) Develop and implement a project in the areas of curriculum development and teacher
preparation, specifically in reading development and comprehension, arithmetic/mathematics, and/or sciences.

2) Provide teacher training in the use of the internet for reading, math, and science education in the classroom.

Books – major need for Spanish-language books; English books always welcome.
Science materials – pulleys, gears, cranks, lasers, prisms, magnifying glasses, magnets, electricity supplies (bulbs, switches, wiring), magnets, biology kits (skeleton, systems), dissecting kits, etc.
Board Games
Computer Games – physics, math, reading, construction, coding, graphics

1) Sponsor all or part of a bookmobile (Librarian, reading specialist, coordinator/driver @ $6,500 each; $3,000 fuel/repairs)

2) Add your own bookmobile (We can only cover 2/3 of the classrooms currently. One more bookmobile would allow us to reach more classrooms, and add kindergartens and pre-schools.)

3) Adopt our Sand Castle Library and its After-School Science/Math Club

SOL (School Of Life)
Sports gear and equipment, site improvement items, school supplies, backpacks, art supplies.
Volunteers (please see website for more information about volunteering)